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Course in Angel Messages
Learn how you can carefully answer your own and other people's questions about the meaning of life. We will work with the Angel Tarot Cards deck from Doreen Virtue. In every lesson, you will have another experience: you will- among other things - learn to trust your own channels of communication with the angels (clairaudience, -voyance, -sentience or cognizance) and learn several spreads. For example: choice-spread, love-spread and the Celtic Cross. Also we'll answer the question: how to start giving paid readings?

Interested? Find out more. 

Angel Card Readings
With an angel card reading you'll get a lovingly and clear answer from the angels to your questions. A reading will provide you with insights in your specific situation and can help you to take the next step on your journey through life. 

Also, it's possible to have a reading with a theme: Year reading (specified per month), Love reading, Birthday reading. 

Go to the website for more information or see what others say about a reading.

In a healing session our focus is on restoring the balance of body, mind and spiritDuring your life you can face physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual challenges. These challenges can result in energy blocks which cause an imbalance. For example:

Maybe you´re exhausted because you're a high sensitive person who tends to take over emotions from others. It happens to you every day and you simply don't know how to protect yourself. In a healing session I will provide you with tips and use Reiki, massage and/or nutrition to help you restore the energy balance.

Or maybe you are aware, but you don't want to set healthy boundaries because that makes you feel selfish. You feel you are helping people be happier by taking over their stuff. This is very nobel, but it makes you feel overwhelmed and tired in the end. In that case, we will focus on your (unconscious) believes and expectations -for example by using tapping or a healing journey-, work on your self-love and end up with some Reiki and massage to relax.

Do you recognize this? Discover the possibilities or read people's experiences.

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Charities I support
Every year I choose a charity to support for that year, donating a part of my income.

Wakibi offers people like you and me the opportunity to provide microcredits (small loans) to small entrepreneurs in developing countries. This facilitates access to affordable loans for these people with favorable payback terms. As a lender you have full control over the destination of your money. You can choose your own business or a project (eg. home equipment). When the loan is paid back, you can invest the money in another project.

What I especially like about this construction…
... it enables you to keep supporting different projects and people.
So the money invested doubles, triples, etc. its value.

… it’s really personal because you can decide
yourself whom you would like to support.

... it encourages the people in developing countries to be responsible
                                                    for their own situation and growth. They remain independent.

                                                    … 100% of the donation goes to the people.
                                                    Donating to the staff of Wakibi is an option.

Do you want to make a donation yourself? Here's the website (Dutch only).

About me - vision

I believe...

... you're happy when you are your own self.
The more you connect with your true self, the better you get to know yourself. And the easier it becomes to listen to yourself and follow your unique path of happiness.

Sometimes things happen that bring you out of balance and you lose the connection with your own self. I strive to help you remember who you are and to help you live like that. To connect you to you source of energy.

... you are allowed to be. 
In my experience all human beings are essentially the same and connected to each other. We are all part of one big, all-embracing energy source. 

... both your body and mind deserve to get attention.
Your body and mind are your vehicle and when you're giving them the right nutrition and regularly take care of them, they will provide you with energy which you can use to learn and fulfill your life's purpose. It also works the other way around: if you're don't pay attention to your body and mind, it can block your energy and it will keep you away from the above.

Compare it with a car: if you fuel a diesel car with gas, it will soon be damaged. And when you forget to fill it up, you will run out of fuel and you will be stuck. When using the right fuel for your car and regularly taking care of it, it will support you to reach your destiny.

... that mankind functions as a whole.
If there is, for example, a disorder in the phyical area, it will effect on one or more different areas. I see health as a balance in the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life. In my healings and readings, I therefore always look at you as a whole. I focus on the origin of the imbalance, the cause that's behind the symptoms. 

... you're in this life to learn. 
And that everything has two sides. The principles of Yin and Yang. There's no light without darkness. Everyone will face challenges in life. And then you have a choice: struggling with the challenge or accepting it, improving yourself and learn. I believe you can learn in every situation, also in a period of darkness and difficult situions, and that doing so will increase the light within you. In the end, you can reach a different state of mind because of this. 

... that awareness is the key to growth.
In my perception, the first thing is to be aware of who you are. As well the light as the darkness, and accepting what you find. Everything is allowed to be. You are allowed to feel what you feel. Next, you decide what you want to do with it. You choose how you approach yourself, the way you think about yourself. 


Does having completed a study make you a good teacher?
Did a good teacher necessarily study?

I don't think so. It's all about attitude, life experience and the willingness and ability to connect to the source: God.

So why this page? I would like to mention my studies, since I'm grateful to have had the possibility to study and they have contributed to who I am now. Also, my studies at Healingspace were extremely valuable, so might you be looking for a good place to learn, here you go.

2014 Angel Intuitive at Hayhouse - London - Doreen Virtue

2013 Certified Angel Card Reader at Hayhouse -

2013 Basic medical knowledge at Civas

2013/03 Nutrition consultant at Healingspace

06/2013 Training Mouth & Health at Healingspace

03/2010 Management skills at NCOI Opleidingsgroep
· Effective Management - Surani Heininga
· Inspirational Leadership - William Lengton

09/2001 Bachelor of Education at the Academy of Sports Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences


Below you can read how a few people experienced a healing or reading. For more reviews or booking a session, visit my website.


‘At first, I was a little skeptical about an Angel card reading. But since Laurene seemed a reliable person to me, I decided to give it a try. The calm presence of Laurene made me feel comfortable during the reading. What I particularly liked, was her unprejudiced attitude; there was no question that felt ‘too weird to ask’.  Thanks to the reading, I can now look at myself from a positive perspective. I am now aware of the ‘negative self-talk’ and am able to consider myself a powerful person. Last but not least: Laurene is reliable, give it a try.’ Omaji  

'I just wanted to thank you for the session in Amstelveen last Sunday. I'm practicing a lot myself now, to contact heaven :) Your book tip was also really valuable. Recognised a lot, got eye-openers and stuff to work on. Thank you very much!' Amanda

'I had an incredibly valuable session with Laurene; a true experience. I was totally relaxed; deep subconscious state; and those pure, integer questions that Laurene asked 'out of the blue'! Worth another visit.' Pauline

'The sessions with Laurene are helping me to experience inner peace. Therefore, I have more freedom to enjoy life and worry less. It also helped me to separate the main and side issues.' Evelien 

'Laurene immediately created an open, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, which helped me to feel comfortable. Now I've had some Reiki/massage sessions, I feel more fit, energetic and peaceful. The Reiki helped me to totally relax and made me aware of my own inner feelings. It was a very special and nice experience that I would recommend to anyone.' Klaartje

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