zondag 12 augustus 2018

Blog intro

Dear beautiful soul,

Thank you for visiting my blog. With this blog, I hope to support you on your way of personal/spiritual growth. The topics will vary: I'll let God and the angels guide and surprise me.

As for the word 'God': There are numerous ways of describing the powerful source of love and creation. If the word 'God' distracts you from the content, feel free to replace it with something that feels good to you. 

May the following words remind you of the loving core of your being.

You are allowed to be
'You can be kind to yourself. It is ok for you to be heard and seen. You are allowed to feel what you feel. You are worthy of receiving love and being happy.'

This is what the angels would like to tell you.

With love, Laurene

donderdag 16 juli 2015

Flakes, flax-seed and feeling happy

How many minutes a day do you spend thinking negative thoughts? How many minutes an hour? Did you ever count it? And what if you used those minutes thinking positive?

It was a cloudy morning in May when I was standing in my kitchen to prepare breakfast. The sink in front of me had been filled with dirty plates, mugs and cutlery for the last few days. I tried to find a free spot for the white bowl so I could start making my favorite spelt flakes-, flax seed- and soy milk breakfast. I moved some plates, piled some dishes and pans and there it was: a 10 cm2 possibility to realize a happy stomach.

Being a work-from-home newbie-mum made me attempt to make this breakfast as quickly as possible while doing the skye-high piled dishes and being incredibly present for my playing-on-a-carpet-daughter Jeara at the same time. And I was being succesfull.

Wasn't I? I looked at the white bowl in front of me. Suddenly it was filled with soft-boiled spelt flakes. Interesting. How did it get there? Well of course it doesn't require Edison-brains to recontruct the cooking of spelt-flakes. And yes, I took the required actions to make it. So far so good. Only... I had been that busy and thinking about the day ahead and what I should/wanted to do, that I lost the connection to my feelings during that time.

It was as if my head had been the only vivid part of my body for the last 10 minutes. Level of mindfullness while making breakfast: zero.

I took a deep breath and put my attention to the rest of my body. How did I feel? Mmmm... ...I had to admit that I felt a bit stressed, disappointed in myself and far from happy. How did that happen? Wasn't I supposed to enjoy this day? Another day given to me by God and another day to share with Jeara and the rest of the world. What thoughts did I have that caused this?

'I have to be quick with the dishes, otherwise Jeara might start crying and I won't get it done today before Marieke arrives home.'

'I need to make fun with Jeara today, otherwise I'm a bad mum and I'm influencing her future negatively since the first 5 years are so important.'

'I should work in the morning, because when I don't start in the morning, I'll get nothing done. And then I'm a lazy person, just like my mum used to tell me every now and then when I was young.'

No wonder I was feeling bad! While staring at my spelt flakes, I heard my Higher Self talking to me:

What would your day look like if you had used those 10 minutes to consciously affirm, to love and to think positively about yourself, your day, your life, the world? How would you feel? 

My eyes blinked with this realization: a new opportunity for growth was presenting itself. And I can't wait to get started!

Over to you: you can practice it yourself as well. Why? Just a little experiment. Spend the next minute thinking positive, like:

"I love my life. Everyone loves me. I have all the time in the world to fulfill my life's purpose. 

I'm a wonderful mom/partner/husband/child/colleague/employee. Everyone is so happy when I'm around. 

I'm always appreciated. I look amazing and I'm very happy. 

Life is full of wonderful chances at every moment.

 I'm a money magnet*. Only good lies in front of me.'

How do you feel? What if you would think like this more often? What would the results be on a long term if you would do this for one day? One week? One year? Experience it yourself. Start today. One thought at a time. You can do it!

I'd be happy to hear your stories and especially the changes and results you experience(d). Please share it with us so we can learn from you. 

Need help in examining your thought patterns? In making changes towards more happiness and with peace of mind as a result? Let me know how I can help you via email or check out my services to find out yourself. Lots of love!

* Found this in both one of Kate Northrup's blog posts and Louise Hay's book 'Je kunt het'.

vrijdag 1 mei 2015

dinsdag 21 april 2015

Isa's wish came true

'Wouldn't it be great if the postman has to ring the doorbell because the post doesn't fit in the mailbox?' 

On April 8th, I felt so inspired to write an article about the seriously ill Isa (3) and Suus and how you could be of great value by sending them a post card. I was touched by Isa's story and last wish to receive as many post cards as possible. At that moment, I had no idea that one of my sentences would become a reality.

After writing my article and sending a post card, I found myself typing 'Isa and Suus'  in Google frequently. I ended up on Gelrenieuws most of the times, seeing the number of cards Isa and Suus received. 

Last Wednesday, Isa made her transition to heaven, having received 55.000 (!) cards and lots of lovely social messages. 

When reading this, it hit me. Apart from the compassion for Isa's family and friends, there was another feeling flowing through me, which is best described as happiness. I even felt the corners of my mouth lift into a big smile. This might sound a little contrasting to the transistion of Isa, so I'll explain why:

I realised that many people followed their guidance to express their love. And that it all started with the intention of a 3 year old and her sister.

The story above is not just the story of Isa and Suus, it's a story about compassion, cooperation and love. Let's continue doing so on a daily basis and create more joy and happiness. 

Last but not least: if you feel guided, send a prayer to Isa's family and friends. If you wish to express your love in other ways as well, the family has asked to support Clini Clowns by making a donation.

Wishing you all a lovely week.

woensdag 8 april 2015

Isa and Suus need your love

What did you do 2 years ago at April 8th? I know what I did! Ok, honestly... for me, it's quite easy to remember: I was sitting at a desk filled with papers in the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, to sign up as Laurene.nu and to start living my dream. I still dream. Part of that is to make the dream of others come through. Therefore, my celebration will be about that. It's about life. And love.

This article tells the story of the 3 year old Isa and her sister Suus and how you can be of great value for them. Wonder who they are? Let me explain how I got to "know" them and why I'm writing this article for them. 

It was Tuesday evening as I was standing in my living room. I leaned on the black wooden chair with my elbow. My new born Jeara was sleeping upstairs and I had some magic mommy minutes for myself. I decided to use them for the real deal: scrolling Facebook. My thumb almost automatically clicked the little globe to check the notifications from the groups I was following. Suddenly, I blinked with my eyes. There was a post on the 'Reusable nappies' group that was different than what I would normally read - diaper discussions -, saying: 

'I hope it's allowed to post this here. Would you like to send this brave little girl a postcard as well? Small effort, great gesture!'  

It had a link to Gelrenieuws as well and interested as I am to help other people, my thumb quickly found it's way and touched it. My eyes flew over the lines and while doing so, my heart opened. Being a mom of a new born, this story touched me deeply. For a few seconds I was blown away. Totally. This is why (story translated from Dutch from Gelrenieuws):

"The seriously ill 3 year old Isa heard in February that she doesn't have a long time left to live. And she has one last wish: to receive as many post cards as possible. 

Isa's illness started back in april 2013, when she suffered from a medulloblastoma. This is a highly malignant brain tumor, occurring 1 in 100.000 children. April 10th 2013 was the day Isa, her sister and her parents started the heavy fight of heavy operations and a course of chemotherapy of 5 days every other week. They succesfully ended this April 10th 2014.

February 2015 was different: Isa's situation was rapidly worsening and they went to the hospital just in case, to find the cause. After a 24-hour challenge, their worst nightmare became reality. Suddenly, the illness was back and doctors told them the fight was over.

At this moment Suus, Isa's sister, is having a hard time as well, realizing that soon she'll lose her sister. At the same time, she's enjoying every day with her, while there is still time. They started an action (probably a different word would fit better...) together: 

They want to receive as many post cards or messages as possible. It's their last wish. 

Would you like to help Isa and Suus and make their wish come through? Make them smile on their last days together? 

It makes Isa and Suus really happy. And their parents as well.

Isa en Suus

Haitsma Mulierweg 28

7101 CA Winterswijk

(The Netherlands)


In the meanwhile, the touching story has spread on social media. That's why you can also send a message using #postvoorisa (for example if you live in another country). 

Wouldn't it be great if the postman has to ring the doorbell because the post doesn't fit in the mailbox? 

The Donald Duck and his nephews of the picture above are on the way to Winterswijk. Please join, send a message and spread the word. Together we can make a difference. Thank you! 

donderdag 19 maart 2015

"I forgive myself for enjoying life"

Do you feel angry with yourself every now and then? I do. More often than I would like. So, like always when I'm aware of a pattern that's holding me from being happy, I'm looking for a way to change this. Let's tell you about my latest discovery and share with you what has helped me to feel good about myself.

Today I was walking outside with my new born Jeara (10-02-2015). The sun was shining and Jeara was sleeping in a purple wrap close to my heart. I was on my way to the shopping street, looking for new baby whipes and since I was on maternity leave, I had all the time in the world to find them. Reading this, you would say all the ingredients were there to have a perfect day. And yet, I felt sad and angry.

Like a lot of times when I'm experiencing negative feelings, my Ego was talking to me angrily:

"Laurene, you should really be working right now. I mean, you have all the time, why aren't you helping people?! You know God wants you to spend every minute devoting to your life's purpose and that means work, work, work. How can you feel good walking here by the way, while Marieke is working 5 days a week and earning all the money? You didn't make a profit in the last months and you were only being a lazy pregnant women, weren't you? You're a bad partner and a worthless being."

Even though I know a lot about affirmations, angels and spiritual laws, I agreed with my Ego. For a few minutes, at least. In these minutes I asked my angels to help me. I had no particular prayer, I just asked: '


At first I noticed two passers-by walking with a suitcase. One of the suitcases was red and the other pink. "Oh wow, they must head to a wonderful place full of adventure!" This was a little sparkle litting the fire of my imagination and soon I was dreaming about a world trip, having a second house in a sunny country and speaking at events to inspire and help people as a spiritual teacher.

It was only a minute later that I arrived at the shopping street and had to wait for a car to pass. Unconsciously I registrated a lot of things of the car: it was a small car and probably a girl's, because it was pink all-over. And I mean the cotton candy kind-of-color. Hey, wait a minute! Pink again. Archangel Jophiels color. My vision of a second house in a sunny country was immediately replaced with this car in front of me. I smiled. Of course, Jophiel, the Archangel that helps us to think beautiful thoughts and appreciate the beauty around us. Since I was clearly angry at myself, she was there to help me change my thoughts and to remind me to be kind to myself. To allow myself to be. 


I couldn't remember. So I started to examine my thoughts and feelings. I was feeling angry because...

... I wasn't making any money, only spending it.

... I had the time to do what I want and Marieke didn't have that opportunity since she works 40 hours a week on a contract-base

... there was another really frightening feeling hidden in a small corner: happiness. 


Bang! The realization hit me and I felt like a boxer who just got punched by his opponent. I was laying on the floor of negativity and I didn't see it coming. Fortunately I was blessed with a good fighters' mentality, so I pulled myself back together and was determined to get up again. 


"I forgive myself for taking the time to relax"
"I forgive myself that I have all the time to do what I want"
"I forgive myself for enjoying life"

Within seconds, I felt so much better. Weight was lifted. My energy changed. I suddenly looked at my beautiful daughter, feeling my heart almost explode of love while whishing for Marieke to experience the same feelings. And I realised that relaxation was key to allow new things to come into my life. Like new ideas to help others. Or an idea for a new article ;)

Over to you:

Do you recognize any of the above? Strange and at the same time interesting, isn't it, how our Ego's can make us feel bad while we have so much to be grateful for? A lot of times we feel bad for experiencing more joy, abundance or wealth than the people around us. While the angels are always showing me there is enough for everyone and the energy of joy even helps us to attract what we want. So we have more to share with others.

Do you feel angry at yourself for some reason? And is your Ego attacking you all the time with many 'need-to's', 'should-do's' or 'had-to's'? When you're looking for a change, take a moment to examine - and maybe even write down - your thoughts and forgive yourself. You can even share it with others if you like, so you can help each other along the way. You can also declare it in the comments below. I'd love to read it!

If you'd like to get some support with forgivess and healing, you can contact me. I'd love to see you happy!

maandag 9 februari 2015

About baby's, bliss & business

Dear beautiful soul,

In this article:

  • The art of baby-less writing
  • Bliss & Business in 2014 & 2015 : the first Certified Angel Card Readers & a new course in May.
  • Free meditation video from Doreen Virtue

The art of baby-less writing
It has been a while since my last article. Some of you know, others don’t: I’m 8,5 months pregnant at the moment. So far it has been one of the biggest and most beautiful transformations in my life. Of course with a lot of unexpected experiences, like my mind telling me whole day to do this for the baby. And that. And more.

So even though every day I still wanted to help others with writing, ideas for new articles kept running through my head and I sat down after my computer… the next article is still not finished. Honestly it’s a lot harder to write and stay concentrated. So unfortunately you will have to wait a few months for the next article. Unless you want me to write one about breast feeding, diapers and wrapping a baby ;).

Bliss & Business 2014 & 2015 - The first Certified Angel Card Readers & a new course in May.
For me, 2014 has been an amazing, blissful year and a spectacular ride. It was full of challenges and reinventions and you were part of that. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of your life last year. Thank you!

2014 - Transformations
What I will remember most, is the great transformations I’ve seen so many of you making. A lack of understanding was replaced with compassion, (self-)forgiveness and love, anxiety was replaced with courage and restlessness with peace. I’m so proud of you that you took steps, changed perspective and dared to change.

2014 - First Certified Angel Messengers (CAM)
Also, 4 beautiful souls decided to take it a step further and join the Certified Angel Messenger course. With great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn they came to Haarlem every Thursday, sharing experiences on their readings and challenges, asking a thousand questions about angels and absorbing knowledge like sponges. I’m so proud on all the progress they made!

2015 - Maternity leave
As I’m writing you, I’m already in my maternity leave. I will hopefully be welcoming and guiding a beautiful soul soon. I will start giving readings and healings again by the end of April.

2015 – New Certified Angel Messenger Course in May!
After such a successful course (average recommendation: 8,3) I’m even more enthusiastic of starting a new course in May (click here for Dutch).

Would you like to gain more trust in yourself, learn to let go of anxiety and other dysfunctional patterns and get a better understanding of the angels surrounding you? If you feel guided: don’t hesitate. Take that leap of faith and subscribe now. See you May 8th!

Free meditation Doreen Virtue
The energies have been intense last weeks and Doreen felt guided to share a clearing and shielding meditation with Archangel Michael. It helped me to let go of anxiety and rise above negative energies, so I think it’s worth sharing. Hopefully you will benefit from it as well. Enjoy!

I wish you all the best for now and I’ll be back in April.

Lots of love,