donderdag 11 september 2014

How 10 strangers, a bunch of cards and a library made my day

Let´s take 10 strangers, a bunch of cards and a library. Can you see the similarities? Let me help you out: They were all part of my 'I live my dream' mission today, which started at my most magical place: my heart.

Please, let me share my story with you. Don't have time to read everything? Just scroll down for the conclusions. Lots of love!

It could have been a pretty normal trip to the library... I walked to the front door with a bag of borrowed books. My left foot almost touched the doormat as Archangel Raphael - the angel of healing - caught my attention: ´Laurene, let's take a few of the 'You are allowed to be' cards with you, write down some loving words and put it in some books in the library as a surprise for the readers.' My brain immediately responded: 'That's the same idea the angels told me about one year ago.'

The memory popped up... Once I arrived in the library last year, I had taken the cards out, put them back after a second and told the angels: 'Listen, I'm very sorry, but I can't do this. I'm too scared. What will others think about me? And what if the library employees will find out?' So I had gone home continuously convincing myself with a 'what-an-original-idea-but-not-me' thought, and trying to forget about it as soon as possible.

And now, one year later, I was standing there. With the same idea. My first reaction was alike: scary! However, I had gained some wisdom in the last year, so another thought followed:

Being scared = ego trying to control = don´t listen, take action! 

Determined to live my dream, help others and share this message of love that was on the cards, I walked back into the living room to the white book shelves and grabbed a handful of cards. The first step was a fact.

A little later. With no more than me, myself and I and a couple of cards, I found myself sitting at a small table in the library. What to write on a card to a stranger? What message to share? I closed my eyes and concentrated on my heart chakra, at the same time asking Archangel Gabriel for inspiration. Once I felt my heart's energy, the words easily popped up:

'Dear reader,

The angels asked me to share this message. Today, I'm sharing it with you. You are allowed to be. 

Blessings and have a nice day, Laurene' 

Imagining the reader opening a book and being surprised by seeing a card, I started writing. Soon, my heart energy became stronger and the further I got, the bigger the smile on my face. Yes, it could be that the person opening the book wouldn't like angels. It could be that the person felt embarrassed being in the library and reading it, given the emotions these words usually trigger (have had people crying while reading, hugging me, smiling).

But hey, no-one would be able to ignore that it was all written from the heart, having had the intention of sharing love. 

'Ready, steady, go!' So with 10 cards in my hand and a 'I-just-want-to-see-if-this-is-an-interesting-book' face, I calmly picked a book from the shelves. My right thumb invisibly slipped over the cards, seperating the upper one from the rest. I peeked through my eyelashes, searching for employees or readers to catch me because of my deviant behaviour. Pfew. No-one to be seen. I took a deep breath: 1,2, 3...

...With supersonic fastness I opened the book, put a card in it and turned to the next page to make my action invisible for possible prying eyes. Supposedly nonchalant, I put the book back on the shelve. Supposedly... Inside me there was this 'I-did-it-even-though-it-was-frightening!' storm going on. My brain was reconstructing the last minutes over and over, convincing itself that it had really happened. And my heart was jumping up and down as if it had just won the Olympic Games.

With a big smile and 9 cards in my hand, I turned around and silently left the shelve behind me. The latest victory still on top of my mind, I felt confident. And I had to admit that I actually was having a lot of fun (!) sneaking through the library with my little love letters. So I happily put another 8 cards in different books. 9 down, 1 to go.

What to do with nr. 10? I was looking around, seeing some dedicated library employees which now appeared less scary to me. Maybe I could even make one of them happy... I looked at the shelve in front of me and smiled: I was standing before the category of Spirituality. And there was this perfect place for a card to be directly spotted by one of the employees. My hand reached out and put it right in front of my eye, side by side with some yogi wisdom. 10. Mission accomplished.

I walked away, rewinding the tape: Yes, I had experienced anxiety. Yes, I had been wondering what others would think about it. And yes, I had been feeling insecure and vulnerable.

But most important, I didn't let that stop me this time. Listening to the angels and acting upon their guidance, made me experience so many positive and valuable things.

Let me share with you what I learned from my library love adventure that has helped me getting over anxiety and accomplish my 'I live my dream mission' for this day. I turned it into tips for you to help you live your dream:
  • Take back your power. Don't let fear keep you from living your dream. By accepting your fear, seeing the power you allowed it to have and consciously making the decision to take it back, you will experience courage, inner peace and harmony. This will make it a lot easier to take action.
  • Allow yourself to be. Turn your focus from 'what will others think about me' to 'how can I help others to experience love'. It will open up your heart and love will flow into places that once were filled with anxiety.
  • Ask your angels to guide you and listen. You needn't go through your current situation alone. Your guardian angels are always with you. Also, you can ask various Archangels for a specific situation. Then, let go and wait for the answer. It can come to you as a thought, feeling, words you're hearing or something you just know. The guidance of the angels can help you to align with your life's purpose, to feel supported and loved. Which makes it much more likely for you to accomplish your dream.

With an extremely happy feeling and my heart still jumping, I left the library. What a wonderful experience. Would I ever get to know peoples' facial expressions, thoughts and feelings when reading the card? Probably not and that's perfectly fine. To me - and that's what I experienced on my mission today too - this is all that matters:

Love is the only truth. 

What challenging leap of faith did you take? What fears did you face and what have you done to get over it that has worked for you?  I'd be happy to read your tips and probably other people would too. Please leave your comment below.  

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Real life story!Every win, little or big, matters!How exciting I felt it was and rewarding it is!
    Feel very proud of you my sweetangel!

    Listen to your heart and don't be afraid to be yourself - is the message I read for myself.
    It's very encouraging for me to realize that I might be not the only one who has such contradicting feelings whenever I had to come out of my comfort zone. It discouraged me often from moving forward. I can be more adventurous, shouldn't be afraid to do so)))

    Thank you for sharing your story little angel.
    Lots of love xxx

  2. Hi Fariza,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. The Ego is pretty good in talking to you whenever you step out of your comfort zone. If you learn to release the fears, you'll experience how rewarding it is to listen to your true self and live your dream. Lots of love,