woensdag 27 augustus 2014



Charities I support
Every year I choose a charity to support for that year, donating a part of my income.

Wakibi offers people like you and me the opportunity to provide microcredits (small loans) to small entrepreneurs in developing countries. This facilitates access to affordable loans for these people with favorable payback terms. As a lender you have full control over the destination of your money. You can choose your own business or a project (eg. home equipment). When the loan is paid back, you can invest the money in another project.

What I especially like about this construction…
... it enables you to keep supporting different projects and people.
So the money invested doubles, triples, etc. its value.

… it’s really personal because you can decide
yourself whom you would like to support.

... it encourages the people in developing countries to be responsible
                                                    for their own situation and growth. They remain independent.

                                                    … 100% of the donation goes to the people.
                                                    Donating to the staff of Wakibi is an option.

Do you want to make a donation yourself? Here's the website (Dutch only).