donderdag 28 augustus 2014



Course in Angel Messages
Learn how you can carefully answer your own and other people's questions about the meaning of life. We will work with the Angel Tarot Cards deck from Doreen Virtue. In every lesson, you will have another experience: you will- among other things - learn to trust your own channels of communication with the angels (clairaudience, -voyance, -sentience or cognizance) and learn several spreads. For example: choice-spread, love-spread and the Celtic Cross. Also we'll answer the question: how to start giving paid readings?

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Angel Card Readings
With an angel card reading you'll get a lovingly and clear answer from the angels to your questions. A reading will provide you with insights in your specific situation and can help you to take the next step on your journey through life. 

Also, it's possible to have a reading with a theme: Year reading (specified per month), Love reading, Birthday reading. 

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In a healing session our focus is on restoring the balance of body, mind and spiritDuring your life you can face physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual challenges. These challenges can result in energy blocks which cause an imbalance. For example:

Maybe you´re exhausted because you're a high sensitive person who tends to take over emotions from others. It happens to you every day and you simply don't know how to protect yourself. In a healing session I will provide you with tips and use Reiki, massage and/or nutrition to help you restore the energy balance.

Or maybe you are aware, but you don't want to set healthy boundaries because that makes you feel selfish. You feel you are helping people be happier by taking over their stuff. This is very nobel, but it makes you feel overwhelmed and tired in the end. In that case, we will focus on your (unconscious) believes and expectations -for example by using tapping or a healing journey-, work on your self-love and end up with some Reiki and massage to relax.

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