donderdag 16 juli 2015

Flakes, flax-seed and feeling happy

How many minutes a day do you spend thinking negative thoughts? How many minutes an hour? Did you ever count it? And what if you used those minutes thinking positive?

It was a cloudy morning in May when I was standing in my kitchen to prepare breakfast. The sink in front of me had been filled with dirty plates, mugs and cutlery for the last few days. I tried to find a free spot for the white bowl so I could start making my favorite spelt flakes-, flax seed- and soy milk breakfast. I moved some plates, piled some dishes and pans and there it was: a 10 cm2 possibility to realize a happy stomach.

Being a work-from-home newbie-mum made me attempt to make this breakfast as quickly as possible while doing the skye-high piled dishes and being incredibly present for my playing-on-a-carpet-daughter Jeara at the same time. And I was being succesfull.

Wasn't I? I looked at the white bowl in front of me. Suddenly it was filled with soft-boiled spelt flakes. Interesting. How did it get there? Well of course it doesn't require Edison-brains to recontruct the cooking of spelt-flakes. And yes, I took the required actions to make it. So far so good. Only... I had been that busy and thinking about the day ahead and what I should/wanted to do, that I lost the connection to my feelings during that time.

It was as if my head had been the only vivid part of my body for the last 10 minutes. Level of mindfullness while making breakfast: zero.

I took a deep breath and put my attention to the rest of my body. How did I feel? Mmmm... ...I had to admit that I felt a bit stressed, disappointed in myself and far from happy. How did that happen? Wasn't I supposed to enjoy this day? Another day given to me by God and another day to share with Jeara and the rest of the world. What thoughts did I have that caused this?

'I have to be quick with the dishes, otherwise Jeara might start crying and I won't get it done today before Marieke arrives home.'

'I need to make fun with Jeara today, otherwise I'm a bad mum and I'm influencing her future negatively since the first 5 years are so important.'

'I should work in the morning, because when I don't start in the morning, I'll get nothing done. And then I'm a lazy person, just like my mum used to tell me every now and then when I was young.'

No wonder I was feeling bad! While staring at my spelt flakes, I heard my Higher Self talking to me:

What would your day look like if you had used those 10 minutes to consciously affirm, to love and to think positively about yourself, your day, your life, the world? How would you feel? 

My eyes blinked with this realization: a new opportunity for growth was presenting itself. And I can't wait to get started!

Over to you: you can practice it yourself as well. Why? Just a little experiment. Spend the next minute thinking positive, like:

"I love my life. Everyone loves me. I have all the time in the world to fulfill my life's purpose. 

I'm a wonderful mom/partner/husband/child/colleague/employee. Everyone is so happy when I'm around. 

I'm always appreciated. I look amazing and I'm very happy. 

Life is full of wonderful chances at every moment.

 I'm a money magnet*. Only good lies in front of me.'

How do you feel? What if you would think like this more often? What would the results be on a long term if you would do this for one day? One week? One year? Experience it yourself. Start today. One thought at a time. You can do it!

I'd be happy to hear your stories and especially the changes and results you experience(d). Please share it with us so we can learn from you. 

Need help in examining your thought patterns? In making changes towards more happiness and with peace of mind as a result? Let me know how I can help you via email or check out my services to find out yourself. Lots of love!

* Found this in both one of Kate Northrup's blog posts and Louise Hay's book 'Je kunt het'.