woensdag 27 augustus 2014

About me - vision

I believe...

... you're happy when you are your own self.
The more you connect with your true self, the better you get to know yourself. And the easier it becomes to listen to yourself and follow your unique path of happiness.

Sometimes things happen that bring you out of balance and you lose the connection with your own self. I strive to help you remember who you are and to help you live like that. To connect you to you source of energy.

... you are allowed to be. 
In my experience all human beings are essentially the same and connected to each other. We are all part of one big, all-embracing energy source. 

... both your body and mind deserve to get attention.
Your body and mind are your vehicle and when you're giving them the right nutrition and regularly take care of them, they will provide you with energy which you can use to learn and fulfill your life's purpose. It also works the other way around: if you're don't pay attention to your body and mind, it can block your energy and it will keep you away from the above.

Compare it with a car: if you fuel a diesel car with gas, it will soon be damaged. And when you forget to fill it up, you will run out of fuel and you will be stuck. When using the right fuel for your car and regularly taking care of it, it will support you to reach your destiny.

... that mankind functions as a whole.
If there is, for example, a disorder in the phyical area, it will effect on one or more different areas. I see health as a balance in the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life. In my healings and readings, I therefore always look at you as a whole. I focus on the origin of the imbalance, the cause that's behind the symptoms. 

... you're in this life to learn. 
And that everything has two sides. The principles of Yin and Yang. There's no light without darkness. Everyone will face challenges in life. And then you have a choice: struggling with the challenge or accepting it, improving yourself and learn. I believe you can learn in every situation, also in a period of darkness and difficult situions, and that doing so will increase the light within you. In the end, you can reach a different state of mind because of this. 

... that awareness is the key to growth.
In my perception, the first thing is to be aware of who you are. As well the light as the darkness, and accepting what you find. Everything is allowed to be. You are allowed to feel what you feel. Next, you decide what you want to do with it. You choose how you approach yourself, the way you think about yourself.