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She is living her dream: Angéla van Zelst

"Living the dream" is a category of articles about people who live their dream and whose inspiring story is worth sharing. Each person also provides you with tips on how to live your dream, based on their own experiences.

Living her dream: Angéla van Zelst

'When I was a teenager, I was afraid of what I got to offer. I kept my talents hidden for all these years to fit in.'

It’s a warm evening in September as Angéla van Zelst (27, former E-commerce Project Manager) and I sit down with each other. When I look at her, I see a confident, energetic and ambitious young woman, dedicated to follow her passion.

This hasn´t always been the case. Our journey together started January 2014, when Angéla came to me for a couple of healing sessions. At that time, I saw a sweet, talented young woman being stressed and unhappy. Angéla was willing to change and therefore we worked on unfinished issues from the past to make room for a great, new energy; living her dream.

'I always felt different when I was a teenager'

Angéla's story goes back to her childhood, when she was misunderstood as a high sensitive person (HSP). ‘I always felt different when I was a teenager, I was afraid of what I got to offer. I knew I had gifts and talents, but when I talked about it with others, they rejected me. So I started drinking, smoking and having a lot of boyfriends. Just to rebel as I didn’t fit in. At that time, there was nobody there to guide me in a proper way as a high sensitive person.’

‘Me? Too stressed?’

When she was in her twenties, Angéla ignored her body’s signals. ‘People told me for years I was too stressed and needed to talk. But I wasn’t ready. Until I noticed my health was deteriorating and I had to conclude I couldn’t live like this anymore: my work was causing me too much stress.’

‘You helped me to think outside of the box’

Angéla was open for a change. ‘So I came to you. You helped me so much in regaining my inner peace. In the sessions with you we looked at who I was, my past and worked on unfinished issues. You helped me to dare to think outside of the box. What other things would I like and what value would I like to add to the world?’

‘My dream job soon became clear’

Angéla started to ask herself questions and experienced the benefits. ‘By being open for learning and taking action, new things started to come into my life. The first thing I did, was research on how I could help other people: looking for a study. I bumped into coaching high sensitive people and soon my dream job became clear: To help young high sensitive people to discover their talents and deal with them in a good way.’

'My mom is guiding me'

Helping others isn’t new to Angéla, she was brought up with it.  ‘When I was 23, my mother died. The funny thing is – in hindsight - that my mom always was the one ‘playing a psychologist’, even though she was having a hard time herself. The same is happening to me now and I feel like my mom is guiding me along my way.’ In the silence that follows, I smile and tell Angéla I feel goose bumps all over my arms - a way for a loved one in heaven to let me know he or she is there.

I look at the recorder of my Iphone and see we've already talked for 1,5 hour. It doesn't feel like that at all; I'm still amazed by this young lady, who had the courage to step up, look at herself and took the necessary steps to change. My heart is happy: yes, this is a woman that will show the world that's it's possible to live your dream in a peaceful way. The perfect person to catch on camera for the first shot of the 'Leef je droom' (Live your dream) poster. 

Additional note

This is what happened since Angéla allowed herself to be: In October 2014, Angéla found a job for 4 days in which she could be herself and is much happier now. Also, she has a few studies and courses she wants to complete so she can register as a naturopathic therapist.

Dear Angéla, thank you for sharing your story. I'm so proud of you! And like Louise Hay uses to say: 'May your life continue to grow and expand.'

Angéla´s tips to help you as a reader to live your dream

Angéla made quite a transformation and is happy to share her learnings with us on how to live our dreams:
  1. 'Don't walk away for your challenges and find a professional to support you if needed. One of the best things I did, was facing the truth about myself and releasing what wasn't working for me.
  2. Ask yourself questions: what do you think of the world? How would you change the world if you had unlimited access to money? How do you want the world to remember you when you're dead?
  3. Spend time in nature. If you're a HSP just like me, you may feel overwhelmed every now and then by impulses from the outer world or other peoples' emotions. Nature helped me to separate my own feelings from others' and to align myself with my life's purpose again.
  4. Decide whom you would like to spend time with. When I was releasing blocks to make room for living my dream, I realized some friends were draining my energy and I was the only one who could change this. So I made the decision to see them less because I want to live my dream and I don't want others to get in the way. The funny thing is that I see them less regularly and feel better. Now I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and am actually not only giving energy; I receive energy as well.'

Would you like to change your life? As you can read, you can do it as well. By yourself. Sometimes though, a helping hand is welcome. If you need some support in letting go of past issues (healing), want insights from the angels or want to benefit from group support like Angéla did, you can contact me. I’m happy to help you.

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