dinsdag 21 april 2015

Isa's wish came true

'Wouldn't it be great if the postman has to ring the doorbell because the post doesn't fit in the mailbox?' 

On April 8th, I felt so inspired to write an article about the seriously ill Isa (3) and Suus and how you could be of great value by sending them a post card. I was touched by Isa's story and last wish to receive as many post cards as possible. At that moment, I had no idea that one of my sentences would become a reality.

After writing my article and sending a post card, I found myself typing 'Isa and Suus'  in Google frequently. I ended up on Gelrenieuws most of the times, seeing the number of cards Isa and Suus received. 

Last Wednesday, Isa made her transition to heaven, having received 55.000 (!) cards and lots of lovely social messages. 

When reading this, it hit me. Apart from the compassion for Isa's family and friends, there was another feeling flowing through me, which is best described as happiness. I even felt the corners of my mouth lift into a big smile. This might sound a little contrasting to the transistion of Isa, so I'll explain why:

I realised that many people followed their guidance to express their love. And that it all started with the intention of a 3 year old and her sister.

The story above is not just the story of Isa and Suus, it's a story about compassion, cooperation and love. Let's continue doing so on a daily basis and create more joy and happiness. 

Last but not least: if you feel guided, send a prayer to Isa's family and friends. If you wish to express your love in other ways as well, the family has asked to support Clini Clowns by making a donation.

Wishing you all a lovely week.

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