woensdag 8 april 2015

Isa and Suus need your love

What did you do 2 years ago at April 8th? I know what I did! Ok, honestly... for me, it's quite easy to remember: I was sitting at a desk filled with papers in the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, to sign up as Laurene.nu and to start living my dream. I still dream. Part of that is to make the dream of others come through. Therefore, my celebration will be about that. It's about life. And love.

This article tells the story of the 3 year old Isa and her sister Suus and how you can be of great value for them. Wonder who they are? Let me explain how I got to "know" them and why I'm writing this article for them. 

It was Tuesday evening as I was standing in my living room. I leaned on the black wooden chair with my elbow. My new born Jeara was sleeping upstairs and I had some magic mommy minutes for myself. I decided to use them for the real deal: scrolling Facebook. My thumb almost automatically clicked the little globe to check the notifications from the groups I was following. Suddenly, I blinked with my eyes. There was a post on the 'Reusable nappies' group that was different than what I would normally read - diaper discussions -, saying: 

'I hope it's allowed to post this here. Would you like to send this brave little girl a postcard as well? Small effort, great gesture!'  

It had a link to Gelrenieuws as well and interested as I am to help other people, my thumb quickly found it's way and touched it. My eyes flew over the lines and while doing so, my heart opened. Being a mom of a new born, this story touched me deeply. For a few seconds I was blown away. Totally. This is why (story translated from Dutch from Gelrenieuws):

"The seriously ill 3 year old Isa heard in February that she doesn't have a long time left to live. And she has one last wish: to receive as many post cards as possible. 

Isa's illness started back in april 2013, when she suffered from a medulloblastoma. This is a highly malignant brain tumor, occurring 1 in 100.000 children. April 10th 2013 was the day Isa, her sister and her parents started the heavy fight of heavy operations and a course of chemotherapy of 5 days every other week. They succesfully ended this April 10th 2014.

February 2015 was different: Isa's situation was rapidly worsening and they went to the hospital just in case, to find the cause. After a 24-hour challenge, their worst nightmare became reality. Suddenly, the illness was back and doctors told them the fight was over.

At this moment Suus, Isa's sister, is having a hard time as well, realizing that soon she'll lose her sister. At the same time, she's enjoying every day with her, while there is still time. They started an action (probably a different word would fit better...) together: 

They want to receive as many post cards or messages as possible. It's their last wish. 

Would you like to help Isa and Suus and make their wish come through? Make them smile on their last days together? 

It makes Isa and Suus really happy. And their parents as well.

Isa en Suus

Haitsma Mulierweg 28

7101 CA Winterswijk

(The Netherlands)


In the meanwhile, the touching story has spread on social media. That's why you can also send a message using #postvoorisa (for example if you live in another country). 

Wouldn't it be great if the postman has to ring the doorbell because the post doesn't fit in the mailbox? 

The Donald Duck and his nephews of the picture above are on the way to Winterswijk. Please join, send a message and spread the word. Together we can make a difference. Thank you! 

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